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Dr Tara Campbell
28 January 2020 @ 07:26 pm
"It's Tara, I'm tied up... hopefully not literally. Leave a message!"

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Dr Tara Campbell
09 November 2009 @ 10:47 pm
3.29. How many times will she fall for his line
Should I tell her or should I keep cool?
And if I tried, I know she'd say I lied
Mind your business, don't hurt her, you fool

Silence Is Golden - The Tremloes

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It hadn't been the fact that Lachlan had flat-out refused the surgery that made Tara angry. In fact, she had anticipated that might be the reaction if this time ever came. They had both known it was going to come, but until it was actually being waved in their faces, they had been able to push it to the back of their minds. Then the letter arrived. The surgery could occur in February. All Tara wanted was for him not to make any rash decisions and when his PTSD tried to kick-in, it was her job as his wife to make sure he was okay. He had suffered so long with the pain since he had been shot that the surgery not only promised to ease that, at least a little, but also might increase his chances of being able to conceive if they could locate the actual site of the damage.

She never expected him to tell her it was none of her business.

None of her business?! She was married to him. Had cradled him in her arms when he nearly bled to death. Had sat beside him for weeks on end without knowing if he even had a chance of waking from the coma. Had been by his side ever since, for months and months of excruitiating physio to get him back on his feet. Had given birth to his only child, risking the baby's own health to carry him full term. And it wasn't her business?

She did know he reacted out of anger. It was out-of-character for him...Collapse )

All muses referenced with permission and are from the princeton2nyc universe

Word Count | 1,295
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Dr Tara Campbell
19 August 2009 @ 10:44 am
1.10. "There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort."
Jane Austen

Co-written with sexyinscrubs

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Tara sat on the side of Pat’s hospital bed, one hand gently wrapped around his and her other resting on the handle of the baby buggy parked beside the bed. Her baby son was nestled inside, shooting her bright smiles and tiny giggles when she waved her fingers at him. He had still been a little off-colour when he woke that morning, so they decided to make an appointment with his doctor for a bit of a check over. He was happy enough but he definitely didn’t have the energy he usually did as a curious seven month old. They had an appointment in an hour, so Tara offered to sit with Pat while Lachlan joined Aiden and Cameron outside for a coffee and a bit of fresh air. Tara wasn’t surprised when both men had tried to protest, and she knew more than anyone how it felt to be in their shoes. But she did also know that some fresh air could help clear the head just a little and that was better than the oppressive weight of sitting at a hospital bedside crushing you more and more with each tick of the clock.

She also knew this whole this was a strain on her husband too...Collapse )

All muses referenced with permission

Word Count | 816
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Dr Tara Campbell
15 August 2009 @ 09:21 pm
Licence to Kilt.

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