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Dr Tara Campbell

Resident Intern, Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital

10 October 1983
D R   T A R A   C A M P B E L L
Name: Dr Tara Campbell (nee Tara Brennan)
Fandom: House, M.D. (Original Character)
Birthdate: 10 October 1983
Marital Status: Married
Family: Husband, Dr Lachlan Campbell, and son, Riley Patrick Campbell
Occupation: Senior Attending Physician, Oncology Department
Place of Work: Mount Sinai Hospital, New York City
Hair Colour: Light Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Height: 5'7"
Likes: Practical jokes, laughing, beer, pizza, chocolate, junk food, daffodils, the colour red, aromatherapy
Dislikes: Neat-freaks, misers, rap music, men leaving the toilet seat up, bugs
With pure Irish blood running through her veins, Tara is fiercely patriotic to her roots. She has the bubbly, happy-go-lucky Irish outlook and speaks with a thick Irish accent. Tara loves to laugh and have a good time. She makes friends easily and tries to see the good in everyone. She is a loyal friend and with her sweet bedside manner, her success as a doctor was inevitable. She sees life with a warm compassion, so her interest in specialising in Oncology was a natural progression.

Despite all this, Tara can be annoyingly talkative, but never gets offended if someone tells her to shut up. She despises people who judge her by appearance or her age and has a feisty temper if provoked. She likes to live in organised chaos and gets irritated when people interfere with her "mess", professing she knows where everything is. She had a history of living on junk food and not having much care for healthy things until she had the bad luck of being diagnosed with Type I Diabetes, forcing her to change her lifestyle dramatically. One of her favourite pastimes is going out for a beer with her friends. She is somewhat of a tomboy and a daredevil at heart, and likes to get a good laugh out of a practical joke or two.

Tara is very superstitious, which is a source of amusement to her family and friends. She'll avoid black cats and walking under ladders like the plague, and wears a gold four-leaf clover pendant around her neck at all times. She dabbles alternative practices such as aromatherapy and Feng Shui, but only out of curiosity and perhaps an attempt to prove their theories wrong.
Until Tara ventured from her hometown of Larne in Ireland to Medical School at the Columbia University, she viewed life through slightly rose-colour glasses. She found it difficult to see bad in people and as an only child, had been protected from the evils of life by her doting parents. When Tara's best friend, whom she'd known since they were in nappies, passed away from Leukaemia it brought her back down to reality with a hard knock. She swore she wanted to not waste her life and wanted to try and do something make a difference, whether it be to one person, or many people. What better way to achieve that than become a doctor?

Tara graduated top of her High School class and was accepted to the School of Medicine at the University of New York. Her parents had always wanted to support Tara's ambitions and help her achieve her dreams and goals by any means necessary. So, the whole family made the big move to New York for Tara to study, and they never looked back. Now that Tara has graduated and got the position as resident at Princeton Hospital, Tara and her parents moved on to Princeton.
Shortly after commencing her position at Princeton Hospital, Tara became mysteriously ill, causing her to almost screw up her first ever surgical procedure. She'd hidden her illness for quite a lengthy period of time, convincing herself she merely ha the flu and she wasn't going to let a little everyday sickness affect her proving her ability in her new job. During some routine tests, Tara's illness took a turn for the worst and she ended up in a diabetic coma, leading to her diagnosis with Type I Diabetes. A self-professed junk food and candy addict, it took Tara a long time to come to terms with her illness and learn that it wasn't going to impede on her ability to be the best doctor she could.

It was when she was on the road to recovery that she met Dr Lachlan Campbell, a newly arrived Hematologist at Princeton Hospital. They met for the first time at a Karaoke bar in Princeton, Tara already an Oncology resident at the hospital Lachlan started to work in, and after evidently clicking from the word go, Lachlan kissed her out of the blue on the steps of the bar. Stunned by the connection she seemed to have with this new (and rather hot) mysterious Scottish doctor, Tara did the only thing she could - she ran and left him standing alone on the steps. Recently diagnosed with Type I Diabetes which she had been seriously ill from, Tara was worried she came with too much baggage but Lachlan wasn't about to give up that easily. From then on, their relationship could only be described as a comedy of errors. Whenever they encountered each other, it led to a heated passionate embrace with both wanting just as a much as the other to tear each other's clothes off and make to the nearest horizontal surface. But despite their chemistry, they continuously suffered classic and horrific coitus interruptus. It was close to two months after they met that they finally managed to do the deed when Tara decided to grabs the balls by the hand (literally) and turned up on Lachlan's doorstep in nothing but a trench coat and red underwear underneath that left nothing to the imagination. They didn't make it to bed, but they did complete the deed and debauched the foyer of his apartment.

While they fell for each other heavily, their relationship came with it's own fair share of rocky roads. Lachlan's past saw a pregnancy scare between the two nearly lead to them splitting up, shortly followed by Lachlan landing himself in hospital for an emergency appendectomy. Despite their tough times, they pulled through and on December 11th 2007, Lachlan got down on one knee in front of three hundred people at his best friend's birthday party and proposed to Tara with a very impressive Tiffany rock. She happily accepted.

Unfortunately, things took an horrific turn for the worst a few days later when Lachlan was shot in the hospital car park. The shooter, the sister of one of Lachlan's patients who had developed an obsession with Lachlan to the point she was stalking him, was aiming for Tara to shoot her out of jealousy, and Lachlan reflexively jumped in front of her and took the bullet. He was in a coma for three months and upon waking, learned that a complication with the surgery to remove the bullet left him infertile. Together, they were left to pick up the pieces following the tragedy.. It wasn't easy and Lachlan's rehabilitation following the ordeal was long and arduous. It took a lot to adjust to the fact Lachlan couldn't have children, and they began to accept it, grateful they were both just lucky to be alive. On the 10th May 2008, Lachlan and Tara gotmarried at Skylands in New Jersey surrounded by hundreds of their family and friends from all over the world. It was an amazing day, even if Lachlan was still working like a trooper with his recovery and getting back on his feet. He didn't want to wait to marry the love of his life, so his loved ones made sure it happened for them.

The biggest shock came to them when, out of the blue, Tara discovered she was pregnant. It was near impossible to explain, except that Lachlan's extremely low motility following the accident obviously produced one hell of a determined swimmer. It was a shake-up after they had just gotten used to the fact they couldn't have children, and with Tara's diabetes, the pregnancy was a difficult one. She was ill a lot of the time and ended up on bed rest at the tail end of it. There was a constant fear she could lose the baby, but on Christmas Day 2007, right before the family sat down to the big Christmas dinner, Tara went into labour and welcomed their first child just before midnight on Christmas Day, a son, Riley Patrick Campbell.

On the eve of their fifth wedding anniversary, Tara, Lachlan and Riley now live in Beford, New York City, where they moved not long after Riley was born when they found the house of their dreams. Lachlan wanted to use his compensation money from the shooting to build a recording studio attached to their home, and the house they found had been perfect. Despite being born with diabetes which he was diagnosed with as a tiny infant, Riley has grown into a healthy wee boy and the complete apple of his mum and dad's eye. He's their pride and joy, but they have never managed to fall pregnant with a second and all the tests Lachlan has gone through still show him clinically infertile. Riley is the picture of his dad, and the young family couldn't be more content, despite their difficult and painful past.
This is an RPG journal for character Dr Tara Brennan, an original character. All rights and written entries by is original work and owned by her creator. Journal and character is for roleplay and enjoyment purposes only. Tara is portrayed by actress Keira Knightley and is in no way affiliated to Keira Knightley.
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